Saturday, September 20, 2008

So I'm a Slacker

I havent kept up on this blog much lately. Although my training is still in progress I forget to write about my runs. I ran 20 miles last Sat. it was such a great run. I felt so good and accomplished when I finised. That is the farthest I will train, so I am a little nervous now. Hoping it will be enough and I will be able to add 6 miles to that. Its 2 weeks away...crazy. I think about it a lot, but I am trying not to get myself worked up about it. I know I can do it. I have trained very hard. I just wanna do it, and hope nothing gets in the way. Tappering is harder than I thought. Its like I know its so close, and I just want it to be here and cutting back the running makes the time go by slower. Anyways, I will probably write one more time until the big day. So wish me luck

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

16 and Feeling Good

So I ran 16 miles on Sat. It was by far the best run I have had since I started running. I am attributing the good run to one of these things ( I havent figured out which one) Eating Sushi at 10pm the night before, I upped my weekday runs, just a good day, it was cooler, I had great new songs on my ipod (thanks to all that commented on my other blog with the songs) What ever one of those things or a combination of them all I was able to run so long with out stopping. I am still doing Galloway's walk/run program but I had so much energy that I was able to cut out a lot of the walking and I had a good time (for me) It gave me a confidence boost and helped me realize I can do this marathon. I want it so bad and I'm gonna do it. Still figuring out the in's and out's of all those little things that make my running day better. Like do I get new shoes even if I cant afford them? Do I just use insoles? Or just tough it out. And what do I eat the night before. Should I go with the Sushi? I've got about 6 weeks to figure it all out. I'm nervous and excited for this

Saturday, August 2, 2008


The morning started at 5am for me. That is so bloody early. That is my biggest struggle right now with training. To beat the heat you have to get up so early for long runs. I am just not a morning person so its really hard to force myself to get up so early. Anyways, I went with my friend Amber who is now going to run the STG Marathon with me and I couldnt be more excited. She is a great running partner. We ran from the top of Millcreek Canyon down through many neighborhoods and then over to 3900 south then over to highland drive and 3300 south area. It was really good running down the canyon and the weather wasnt too hot then. As we got out of the canyon it got really hard to run. We really had to push ourselves and were just so drained by that dang sun. Luckily we had Lacee come pick us up and I have been trying to take it easy the rest of the day. I still wonder how on earth I am going to do 26. But I will train very hard these next two months and I will do it. I just need more motivation-working on that too.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm still here

Well the training is going good. I am having a little trouble with motivating myself. I think its a combination of things; first I have to get up super early because its so hot-its really hard for me to get up around 5am. Second thing I have upped my weekday runs so I am running 5 times a week now. Its a lot and very time demanding. Other than that I am doing great. I ran a really good run in Bountiful today. I wasnt going to go (I couldnt sleep last night so it was super hard to get up at 5) but I am really glad that I did. I felt really good. I am pretty sure I have figured out my stomach issues. It was the whole wheat bread I was eating before every run that made my stomach sick. Other than that I am just doing my thing. Training like crazy. 16 miles next week-the most I have ran. Should be hard and a great accomplishment (when I'm done)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Its been a while

Sorry for the lack of blogging. I have been super busy-not to say I havent stopped training. Things have been going really good. I took a week off after the half marathon and did a lot of thinking. I had to decide if I was going to run a marathon. I really wanted to but was I cut out for it?? I decided that I had already ran half, I need to finish my goal and run the marathon. Shortly there after I was given a slot from "St. George on the Run" and I was so excited. It gave me the boost that I needed. I have since picked up training..more than I was going before and I am really motivated to do this. I am running 5 days a week instead of 3 and I think that will help my endurance. I am also going to start doing more hill work..up and down to prepare me for the hills in St. George. Still in the process of figuring out my stomach issues but I have time and plenty of long runs to figure it out. Thats about it from here. I think I am going to run the Deseret Morning 10k on the 24th of July. So 3 more months of killing it running. Hope my body holds out (it has so far)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Race Report

I finished the Half marathon and I am alive to report about it. It was not the race I hoped for but its the farthest I have ever ran and I am happy with myself. We got up to Bear Lake the night before and got checked in to the room. I went and picked up my packet, that was a fun experience. There I was standing around with all these runners. I felt a little out of place..I dont feel like a runner although I was glad I was there. I got my number..239. We waited for Joe to get there and then we went to get some pasta and pizza. I ate some spaghetti and it was kinda ghetto. We then went home and hung out until it was time to go to bed. Joe and I slept on the pull out bed..crappy bed. Then I frozed the whole night so I only slept about 3 hours. I got up and my stomach was a little unsettled. I still went about my usual routine and ate my breakfast and got ready. My Dad took me to the park. I waited with Lacee and Amber until the busses left. We got to the start and there were no bathrooms, WHAT?? I had to go! My stomach was really unsettled but I ignored it and we started the race. We kept up with the crowd for a bit then fell a bit behind. Around mile 2 or 3 my stomach started to get really gurgly and sick. I had to wait in line at the porta potty and then we were very far behind the others. This was the beggining of a long race. I got really sick and had major issues with my stomach. Luckily my family was waiting for me later on and I took another imodium (I had already taken one that morning) I couldnt run. Every time I would start running my stomach would get so sick. I was very discouraged. I wanted to be able to run. I had trained at least 10 miles to prepare and just couldnt do it. Around the 10th mile my stomach was a little better and we were able to run more. We still finished really late. I was so glad I didnt quit. I would of had it not been for Amber and Lacee. They were so sweet to stay with me. I couldnt have done it without them!! This race helped me learn a lot. I am now trying to figure out what the issues I am having with my stomach are. If they continue to bother me through my long runs I wont be able to do the marathon. Just phyisically cant do it. Just dont know what my deal is and how to fix it. It was a fun race and I finished which was great. I am now in the decision process whether or not to continue my training to a marathon or stick to aerobics (a little less hard on my stomach) Thanks for a great race Bear Lake.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So I have figured out that I do much better on my long runs than my weekday runs during the week. I dont know if its because I am outside where its so pretty, or if its that I am running with someone, or what but I am glad I enjoy it. On Sat. we ran 10 miles. We ran in Millcreek Canyon and then down Millcreek Road through neighborhoods. We decided to set a time of 2 hours. This is what we had ran our 9 miles at but felt we could push it. We ran or should I say walked and tried to run the first mile but it was up hill. That is really hard when you are just getting started. After that mile we ran so good. We took our needed walk breaks but we ran a lot of it. It was so gorgeous up there. The trees were so green and the river was flowing so strong. We even saw this natural waterfall. It was very peaceful. It started to get hot when we got out of the canyon and it slowed us down a little. But we did finish our 10 miles at 2hrs and 5 min. We felt really good about it. I feel very accomplished when I finish..also very tired!! Hope 11 Miles goes just as good. I run my Half in 2 weeks...getting a little nervous.